Our service areas in Japan

We supply electricity to the
whole country

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We have started our electricity retail business (registration number: A0148) in September 2014 after being authorized by the ‘Fukuoka City Business Establishment Support Program.’
We provide a best mix of energy sources including our own power plants and those procured from other electric companies while using demand response system.

Deregulation of the electric power market

We live in a time
where consumers choose the electricity supplier

Depending on supply voltage (V) and contract demand (kW), consumers can choose electric companies at their will whether it’s conventional regional companies or new electric companies like Global Engineering.
  • High-rise buildings, factories
  • Middle-rise buildings, supermarkets
  • Small shops, houses

Reliance and achievements

The stability of supply
does not change

We do the transportation service using the transmission lines of the regional electric companies. We get backup power from electric companies in case we cannot supply electricity. We make sure that there is no risk for our customers.
Agency for Natural Resources and Energy formulated the “Guideline for partial supply”. Cost reduction can be achieved with no introduction of new facilities.
*Formulated on December, 2012

Global Engineering has made contracts with customers of more than 4000 facilities nationwide, achieving cost reduction.

No initial investment. Easy installation. Same quality as before.
You can switch your electric suppliers just like you do for your smart phones. Global Engineering offers lower electricity price compared to regional power companies.
  • Conventional contract
  • Partial supply contract with a new electric power company
Why you should choose Global Engineering

Process of switching

Follow these 4 steps
and it’s done

Our experts support you from switching procedure to supplying electricity.
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