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Global Engineering is an authorized company that uses the “Privacy mark” system.

■The handling of personal information

In Global Engineering (hereinafter “our company”), we supply electricity, and have other services that include the acquisition of personal information of our customers.
We strictly protect the personal information of our customers. Regarding the methods, we have a list below.
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  • (Regarding the purpose of use of the personal information gathered in this inquiry form)
  • (Information Items to Use)
    Names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, supply point identification numbers, contract information.
  • Gathered in order to be able to answer the inquiry.
    (Regarding the sharing of personal information to a third party)
    In our company, we don’t share any personal information to third parties without the consent of our customers unless it is ordered by law.
  • (Regarding the outsourcing of these tasks)
    There are cases when we outsource tasks in connection to the personal information of what we acquired to make our services and business better for our customers.
    In case of outsourcing, we choose a company that is also strictly committed to protect the personal information. We also enter into a contract with them to be able to monitor a safe level of protection.
  • (Regarding the sharing of personal information)
    It is completely up to our customers if they want to share their information with us or not. It is voluntary. However, it is possible that we cannot provide some services if we are unable to acquire the necessary information.
  • (Regarding the “Notice of purpose of use”, “Disclosure”, “Revision, addition and deletion”, “Refusal of use and provision” of the personal information that could be disclosed)
    All customers who provide us with personal information have the right to the following. “Notice of purpose of use”, “Disclosure”, “Revision, addition and deletion”, “Refusal of use and provision.” In need please contact our company.
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