Privacy Policy

In Global Engineering Co., LTD (hereinafter “our company”) we supply electricity, maintain private generators, and have a rent-a-car business that focuses on camping cars.
In our company we realize the importance of protecting personal information in the rapidly changing world of communication. To be able to protect the personal information, including specific personal information, that we receive from client companies, our customers and our own employees, in order to maintain business activities and contribute to society, we created this privacy policy, and manage the information with strict care.


  • 1.In our company, in order to operate our business, we gather, use and share, etc., personal information including specific personal information only after precisely stating the purpose of said action.
  • 2.In our company we strictly obey the laws (including the My Number law), policies, and standards of the country regarding personal information.
  • 3.In our company we gather personal information including specific personal information the appropriate way, and unless ordered by law, we always make the purpose of use public, or swiftly inform the person concerned after we gathered such information.
  • 4.In case of outsourcing, we choose a company that is also strictly committed to protect the personal information. We also enter into a contract with them to be able to monitor a safe level of protection.
  • 5.We take appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, destruction and damage of personal information. We also take effort to keep the personal information including specific personal information in an up-to-date and accurate state.
  • 6.In our company we do not share personal information to third parties unless in cases stated below.
    • *We have the permission of the person concerned (not including specific personal information).
    • *It is difficult to receive permission from the person concerned but there is someone’s life or safety or property in danger.
    • *In order to have a safe investigation that is lead by either an organization of the country, or local government, or other organizations that were outsourced to execute said task.
    • *In order to achieve the purpose of use, it is necessary to share to client companies that we outsourced parts of the task to.
    • *In other cases when it is required by law to share to third parties.
  • 7.We answer and act accordingly to any request from the person concerned regarding personal information including specific personal information.
  • 8.We answer claims swiftly and in good faith through our customer service contact information.
  • 9.In our company we constantly update our organization and rules regarding the protection and handling of personal information including specific personal information, and the methods that we use to protect the gathered data.
Our rules regarding the protection of personal information are set according to the Japan Industrial Standards JISQ 15001.
Specific personal information refers to information that includes My Number.
We state other details regarding the handle of personal information on other pages.

Enactment day: 2017/4/7
Revision day: 2019/9/20
Global Engineering Co., LTD
813-0011, 1-1-1 Kashii Higashi-ku
Fukuoka city, Fukuoka, Japan
Chief Executive Hirotada Takahashi

Customer services regarding personal information protection:
105-0004, 5-8-11, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

(De do not accept phone calls regarding personal information, we hope you understand.)